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Cameroon-Hajj 2022: Preparations intensified as pilgrimage approaches

Hajj 2022
Hajj 2022

While the official list of pilgrims  is being prepared at the level of the Commission, spiritual and material preparations are accelerating among travellers.


At the moment, at the level of the general organisation, the National Commission for the Hajj is hard at work for the publication of the official list of pilgrims. Cameroon has been allocated 4,300 pilgrims for this 2022 edition. The departures, the first of which is scheduled for June 26, will be from three airports: Garoua, Yaounde and Douala.

Impromptu  has no place in the pilgrimage to the holy places. For the Muslim faithful, the rites of the Hajj are essential pillars of the Islamic religion. A few days before this spiritual journey, it is time for the final adjustments.

Pilgrims, divided into groups, have been undergoing practical training for several weeks to learn the rites practiced in the Holy Land. In Yaounde, several training sites are dedicated to the exercise. Notably in the Briqueterie district, at the mosque of the Islamic Complex of Tsinga and Nkolfoulou.

We do simulations. We learn the invocations to recite at each site. We learn how to wear the Hiram (the white towels used by men during the pilgrimage) and the conduct when we are in a state of sacredness, “explains Karim Ousmanou, future pilgrim.

According to Cameroon tribune, the preparation on the spiritual level is therefore crucial because it is at this moment that the future pilgrim must begin to move away from thoughts of the earthly world. The aim is to focus fully on the worship of God. “You must be entirely turned towards Allah,” says preacher Cheick Abdou-Salam.

Preparations are also made at the family level. The departure for the Hajj by a family member is considered a grace and often celebrated. The most supportive families usually raise funds for the pilgrim. The pilgrim is called to go around the family to ask for forgiveness and receive blessings. “It is a prophetic tradition.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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