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Cameroon: Health boss congratulates doctor for saving baby’s life in critical condition

Gynaecologist, Dr Gertrude Same Moukouri (c) copyright
The Minister of Public Health has sent words of encouragement to Doctor Gertrude Same Moukouri of the Douala Laquintinie Hospital for saving the life of an unborn baby who arrived the hospital in a state of brain death due to the mother’s failing health condition.


In his letter of congratulations signed last May 5, Minister Malachie Manaouda says on the 30th of April, at about past 3am, 30-year-old Gynaecologist, Dr Moukouri received a pregnant lady aged 34 in a situation of brain death plus cardiogenic shock.

After several examinations, she discovered the baby was still alive and with the authorization of the family carried out a caesarean section to save its life, given that very little could be done to save the mother.

The mother who had suffered from a heart failure was placed under the artificial breathing system and the caesarian section was successfully conducted.

Though the mother died few hours later, reports have it that the baby is doing well and have been placed in the neonatal unit.

According to the Health boss, Dr Moukouri made sense of bravery and dexterity in a “clinically difficult situation”, an act which deserves encouragement.

He added that this goes in line with the humanization of health care services he and his collaborators intend to reinforce in the medical practice in Cameroon.


mm Published on 01.08.2022

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