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Cameroon: Health boss throws light on 4000 bags of rice polemic

The Minister of Public Health, Dr Malachie Manaouda has published documents indicating that the four thousand bags of rice donated by Orca as part of her contribution to the fight against the deadly Coronavirus pandemic have all been dispatched to the ten regions of the country.

For over two months today, the Minister of Public Health, Dr Malachie Manaouda and his collaborators have been victims of social media accusations of mismanagement of the four thousand bags of rice offered by Orca, a super market as part of her support in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

In a tweet posted Wednesday July 22, the Health boss denies having diverted the gift and posts some documents indicating the bags of rice were dispatched to the ten regions of the country since the month of April.

The first document, a press release, dated April 29 indicates that he met with his counterparts of the Ministries of Social affairs, territorial administration and the promotion of women and the family to discuss on how to share the gifts –including the bags of rice received in the side-line of the fight against the COVID-19 to all ten regions.

The second documents displays how the gifts were shared among the ten regions.

Added to the above, Minister Malachie Manaouda posted the video of a truck allegedly loaded with some of the gifts en route to the regions.

Nonetheless, even with these clarifications, some people still doubt the population finally received the items.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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