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Cameroon: Health workers drilled on COVID-19 data management

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Over 150 health personnel in from some health districts and COVID-19 management centres in Douala has been drilled on the proper understanding and data management on the pandemic.

The drilled during a three-day workshop that rounded off at the weekend which was organized by the World Health Organisation in partnership with the Ministry of Public Health.

On the proper management of patients, the health workers were drilled by experts who took them through the various steps involved from sensitization through testing to counseling and care provision to hospitalised patients.

Data management of has been an important aspect in the response strategy against the pandemic with teams set up to harmonise data before they are made public.

However, the challenge posed the pandemic requires the necessary expertise to better understand the data before making it public.

“Data is a very important aspect in the management of a pandemic like the one the world is facing today. Getting qualitative and quantitative data helps to make informed choices in the response against the pandemic,” Dr Mokossi Makembe, regional coordinator for the fight against pandemics and one of the trainers at the workshop said.

Thus, the health workers were drilled on data collection, management, interpretation and analysis with the various necessary tools put at their disposal. With the skills acquired, some of the health workers will have to be redeployed to the various health centres to produce quality data that will help reinforce the response strategy in terms of data management.

Published on 28.04.2020

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