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Cameroon: Heavy duty trucks banned from circulating in Douala from 7am to 9pm

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The Senior Divisional Officer for Wouri in the Littoral region has issued an order banning the circulation of heavy duty trucks in Cameroon’s political capital Douala from 7am to 9pm.


The trucks will rather circulate from 9pm to 6am.

According to Benjamin Mboutou in his prefectural order signed Tuesday May 18, the move seeks to ease traffic and secure the movement of people and goods in the Division.

The restriction however exempts sanitary trucks, those transporting hydrocarbon products, food, as well as trucks belonging to forces of law and order.

Any offender will have his truck impounded as stipulated in the order.

This ban comes at a time when reports from Douala say traffic is constantly perturbed due to the uncontrolled circulation of heavy duty trucks.

Another consequence of this is deadly road accidents, the latest being the Wednesday May 12th at the Ndogpassi market in Douala III.

At least two people, a woman and a child aged approximately 10 were reported dead and two wounded after a heavy duty truck transporting wood crashed on a store in a bid to bypass a commercial moto bike rider.

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