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Cameroon: Heavy Rainfalls Announced In Various Regions

According to forecast studies by the National Meteorological Department, the Littoral, South-West, North-West, Far-North, West, and Adamaoua regions of the country will experience high-intensity rains from August 13 to 19, 2022.

These days, it is wise for one to  review his/her programme or simply bring out your umbrella. That is for those who are on the side of the Littoral, South-West, North-West, Far-North, West, and Adamaoua regions. A study carried out by the National Direction of Meteorology, announces that it will rain cats and dogs, and this is from August 13 until August 19 of the same month. The document says cities likely to be highly affected are Mundemba, Bamenda, Douala, Tibati, Tiko, Nkongsamba, Yagoda, and Kaelé.
In addition, during the period from August 20 to 26, the regions mentioned above will still be subject to heavy rains. As for other regions of the country, rains are also expected. But, with the difference that will be less strong.
And this indicates that the report is not without significant impact. In the northern region of Cameroon, for example, the consequences will be flooding, soil erosion, and the destruction of crops. Faced with this, the National Direction of Meteorology suggests carrying out regular cleaning of the drains to avoid stagnant water and avoid cultivation on the hillsides.

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