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Cameroon: Hon. Albert Kouinche offers 22 Million to 220 PhD students

Cameroonians retained for the 8th edition of the PhD students Assistance Programme dubbed PAD all received the sum of 100 000 cfa francs Saturday May 18, 2019 in Bandjoun, West region of Cameroon.

According to the scientific committee led by Prof Gabriel Mba, the 220 PhD students were selected out of 667 scholarship files from the 8 State Universities as well as the “Université des Montagnes” received by the committee.

The selection, reports say was based on a number of criteria; the topic of the PhD thesis, and the contribution of the research in the development of Cameroon, and or the targeted region.

As such, the 220 students selected received each the sum of 100,000 cfa francs, meant exclusively for expenses linked with the research in view of the preparation of their PhD programmes.

The programme initiated by the renowned businessman Hon. Albert Kouinche which is at its 8th edition aims at encouraging and accompanying PhD students in their academic research.

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