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Cameroon: Hon. Joseph Banadzem to be laid to rest today

The deceased Member of Parliament and bigwig of the Social Democratic Front, Honourable Joseph Banadzem will be laid to rest today in Kumbo.

The mortal remain of Joseph Banadzem who died on March 30 in Yaounde was removed from the mortuary of the Yaounde General Hospital on Friday and taken to the National Assembly where his peers paid their last respects.

Acaddemic honours were equally given to the man who was a lecturer at the University of Yaounde before his corpse embarked on a final journey last night to Kumbo where he will be laid to rest.

He will be laid to rest in strict family intimacy after assuraances were made for his corpse to reach home despite the insecurity in the area as a result of the ongoing conflict in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

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