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Cameroon: Hon. Wirba’s warning to warring Anglophone diaspora

Hon. Wirbaa paying respects to victims of Anglophne crisis at his book launch

The Member of Parliament for the Jakiri Constituency Hon. Joseph Wirba has warned the Anglophone diaspora to unite as a single force or face the wrath of the people back home.

He fired the warning at the weekend in the United Kingdom during the launch of his book “Wirbaforce” that recounts his  experiences  of the crisis that has rocked the North West and South West regions of Cameroon since the 2016.

The Anglophone community in the diaspora has been a major player in events back home but dissenting voices amongst the various groups has made it difficult for a common platform to be built for any eventual dialogue with the government if one were to be summoned.

A situation that Hon. Wirba was keen to address during his book launch as he stressed only a united Anglophone front to seek a common goal.

“If you do not come together immediately, discuss and get things right, wait for the consequences. You have no choice but to come together immediately,” Wirba warned as he called for a collaborative platform where all opinions will be sought before adopting a best way forward.

Hon. Wirba who has beeen in the UK on exile since the end of 2018 equally used the opportunity to chastise so called leaders in the diaspora who have put money above the people who are dying back home.


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