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Cameroon: Honorable Cabral Libii Condemns Akwaya Massacre

Cabral Libii, MP, national President, PCRN

The national president of the Cameroonian Party for National Reconciliation (PCRN) thinks following this horror that “the solution to any war is a peace agreement”.

No more doubt, several dozen people were massacred on Saturday, June 25, 2022. This other act of horror was committed by unidentified people in the village of Masaka, Akwaya district, South West region of Cameroon. Contacted by the media on this subject, Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai confirmed the news, without, however detailing the figures and the circumstances.
As a result, civil society activists grouped under the organization called “Women peace-builders network” put forward the figure 32. They testify that women and children are the main victims. However, our colleagues from “The Median” speak of 50 civilians killed. Pending a possible official communication, the war of figures persists.
In the aftermath of this massacre of civilians, Cabral Libii condemns the act as well as the approach. “To say that we are fighting for the emancipation of a people is understandable. Burning alive and beheading the people for the emancipation of those who have said they are fighting makes no sense and it can lead to nothing, ”declares the Deputy.
For the president of the PCRN party, “no one has the magic solution for a bloody crisis (…) The solution to any war is a peace agreement. This agreement can only be found by talking, exchanging and evaluating the path taken. We must objectively and without complacency evaluate the implementation of the resolutions of the Major National Dialogue (…) If another National Dialogue is needed with other actors, let us not deprive ourselves of it. Peace is priceless,” he suggests.
This massacre comes at a time when Human Rights Watch denounces the abuses of the separatists on civilians, in particular on pupils and students.

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