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Cameroon: HRW urges military, separatists to end attacks on aid workers in Anglophone regions

Aid workers in Cameroon (c) copyright HRW 2020

Human Right Watch has frowned over renewed attacks on humanitarian aid workers by separatist fighters in the North West region of Cameroon Saturday June 5 and other attacks committed by Government forces which are a threat to humanitarian access.

In a release issued Thursday June 4, Ilaria Allegrozzi, HRW Senior Central Africa Researcher says separatist fighters kidnapped a humanitarian worker Saturday May 30 in the North West region, “accused him of being a spy, tied him up to a tree, and savagely beat him up before releasing him Sunday”.

Ilaria adds that on that same day, separatists equally abducted seven staff of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services, a faith-based non-profit in Bambui, North-West region and only released them two days later.

She indicates that these two attacks are just the recent in a long line of incidents in which aid workers have been victimised by both separatist and army men, thereby hindering humanitarian access.

“Separatists are not the only ones responsible for the attacks against aid workers and humanitarian operations… Government forces also bear responsibility. Aid workers have been victims of unlawful killings, abductions, harassment, extortion, and other abuses as supplies and property have been looted and destroyed…” The release reads.

“Government forces and all separatist armed groups should immediately end all attacks against humanitarians and other civilians, hold those who commit them to account, and allow unhindered humanitarian access.”


Published on 10.02.2021

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