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Cameroon: Huge quantities of contraband products impounded nationwide from May to June 2021

Contraband pharmaceutical products impounded on June 5 in Ambam (c) copyright

From May 3 to June 6, elements of the Halcomi operation, that fights against illicit trade in Cameroon impounded huge quantities of diverse products smuggled in to the country.

According to information posted on the official Twitter page of the Cameroon Customs, the goods included; pharmaceutical products, covid-19 test tubes, gold, cars, frozen chicken, food stuffs among others impounded in some regions of the country.

In the North, over 2000 Covid-19 test kits were seized, meanwhile a consignment of 9,200 bottles of Guinness was intercepted in the South West.

30 kilograms of gold were confiscated at the Yaounde International Airport and a huge quantity of pharmaceutical products was impounded in the East.

Still in the North, the Halcomi III operation team had a hard time seizing a van carrying boxes of cosmetic products imported without customs declaration.

In the Adamawa region, the Customs Brigade post intercepted a cargo of contraband vehicles and heavy machinery.

In Garoua, boxes of mobile phones transported onboard a starlet vehicle did not pass unnoticed to Customs Brigade officers in the region.

In the Centre, kilograms of packaged Indian hemp were seized for onward destruction.

Many other seizures were made in public transport buses including basic necessities, sardines, rice, bottles of wine, vegetable oil, and liquors.

Since the launch of the Halcomi operation, uncountable quantities of contraband products have been impounded in the country.

For a better response, customs officials were redeployed nationwide Tuesday June 8 with the Directorate General promising tough times to unscrupulous businessmen and traffickers.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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