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Cameroon: Human Rights Watch condemns arrest of Pro Kamto supporters

dozens of prsons protesting in Bafoussam (c)All rights reserved

Human Rigts Watch has condemned the arrest and detention of over 350 supporters of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement last weekend in cities across the country.

Human Rights Watch said the arrests,  appear to mark yet another step in the government’s attempt to limit political dissent as Cameroon security forces  used excessive and indiscriminate force to snuff out other MRC demonstrations.

Close to 90 supporters of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement have been released since Saturday’s arrests but over two dozens were taken straight to Kondengui, including the Vice President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Mamadou Yacouba Mota.

“MRC members and supporters remain in detention. At least 75 protestors have been released, some of whom say they were held without access to lawyers at the Secretariat d’Etat à la Defense in Yaoundé, a prison where Human Rights Watch has documented the use of torture,” Human Rights Watch said.

“MRC lawyers showed us photos of injuries to one of their supporters released from SED.

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