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Cameroon: Increase in beer prices upsets consumers, bar owners

Following an increase in the prices of some alcoholic drinks by brewery companies in Cameroon, contesting reactions from bar owners and most especially beer consumers have become the order of the day.

The SABC brewery has increased the prices of some of its beverages by 50 F cfa, saying the 2019 fiscal burden left them with no other option, a decision not welcomed by many.

“This decision kills the bar. They are adding 50 to these prices that where do we get coins for reimbursement from? This will certainly lead to the closure of many bars in this country and whether we like it or not, Government revenue will reduce.” said a bartender at the Melen neighbourhood in Yaounde.

According to some consumers, some bar owners have taken advantage of the situation to illegally increase the prices by 100, 150 and 200 in certain areas.

This state of affairs angers more and more consumers especially the low income earners who believe the situation paves the way for the rich to remain richer and the poor poorer.

Nevertheless, others see the increase as a good thing because according to them, it will reduce alcohol consumption and thus, better the health conditions of Cameroonians.



Published on 28.04.2020

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