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Cameroon: India’s resident mission to go operational in Yaounde

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Prime Minister Head of Government Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute Tuesday April 9, 2019 received in audience the Indian High Commissioner to Cameroon residence in Abuja, Nigeria, Abahy Tahkur. Discussions centred on the establishment of the resident mission of India in Yaounde.

India has had a consulate in Cameroon for over 28years which has functioned well, but according to Abahy Tahkur, “a resident mission will act as a facilitator, catalyst for closer collaboration.”

As such, the visiting Indian High Commissioner to Cameroon with residence in Abuja came to fine tune arrangements for the effective opening of an Indian resident mission in Cameroon.

“I am here for some of the practical aspects of the opening of the mission such as finalizing property and recruiting some personnel.” Abahy Tahkur disclosed to the press.

Formal proposals including the name of the future High Commissioner of India to Cameroon resident in Yaounde were reportedly made in February 2019 and approved by the Government of Cameroon in few weeks.

Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute and Abahy Tahkur equally discussed bilateral relations, especially in the fields of capacity building and India-Africa summit forum scholarships.

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