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Cameroon: International Community urged to sanction separatists over attacks on civilians

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The Non-Aligned Movement has urged the International Community to apply sanctions on armed separatists responsible for abuses committed on civilians and Cameroon defence forces in the country’s North West and South West regions.

The plea was made in a statement on the socio-political situation in Cameroon published at the end of the 18th Summit of Heads of States and government of the Non-Aligned Movement in Bakou, Azerbaijan.

In the statement, the 120 member states strongly condemned the “repeated separatist attacks” on civilians and on Cameroonian security and defence forces in the two English speaking regions of the country, rocked by the Anglophone crisis for close to three years now.

“The Non-Aligned Movement condemns the repeated abuses and attacks against civilians and Cameroon defence forces by armed separatists, urging the international community to impose targeted sanctions on separatist leaders who bare responsibilities for such abuses…” part of the statement reads.

Lauding the holding of the Major National Dialogue initiated by President Biya last month, the Non-Aligned Movement reaffirmed its commitment to Unity, sovereignty and Territorial integrity of Cameroon.

The Non-Aligned Movement was born in 1961 in Belgrade. It is an international organization regrouping countries who are not aligned with or against any major power bloc (group of countries).

Published on 28.04.2020

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