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Cameroon: International conference on Anglophone crisis to hold in October

The Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiations has announced that the international conference to discuss the socio-political crisis in the two English-speaking Regions of Cameroon will hold from October 30 to November 1, 2020 under the theme “Defining a pathway for our future”.

Initially scheduled to hold in the month of March, the three-day conference was postponed to a later date due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

In a release issued Monday August 24, the Organization says it will finally hold from October 30 to November 1 through video conferencing due to travel restrictions.

According to the organization, the holding of the conference in October is timely following the recent happenings in the regions, including the barbaric killing of civilians by suspected separatist fighters.

“The last few months have seen, unfortunately, a severe escalation in the armed conflict in the Southern Cameroons. Gross human rights abuses are registered daily with women and children bearing the brunt of it. Despite a recent United Nations resolution for a global ceasefire, the conflict in the Southern Cameroons is rather escalating…” part of the release reads.

The conference will bring together Southern Cameroonians from all walks of life: civil society leaders, separatist leaders, Southern Cameroons political leaders, activists, religious and traditional leaders, legislators, businessmen and businesswomen, youth leaders, academics, media personalities and members of the diaspora.

Its two main objectives are; to engage all segments and professionals of Southern Cameroons origin to establish the majority view on a pathway to a permanent negotiated solution to the armed conflict, and develop a detailed framework for a robust post-conflict reconstruction.

The Coalition for Dialogue and Negociations is a civil society organisation made up of Anglophone Cameroonians in the diaspora created with the aim to end the crisis in Cameroon and ensure a durable peace


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