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Cameroon: Investigations opened against man accused on assualting lawyer in Tiko

Investigations have been opened against a man in Tiko, South West Region, accused of physically assaulting a female lawyer.

Amateur video footage emerged last week showing the man, identified as Paul Sinju, overpowering the woman-Egbe Eyong Evelyne- in a scuffle in an office before hitting her with a broom.

The matter was immediately taken up by the International Federation of Women Lawyers, FIDA which tabled a complaint to the State Counsel against the man.

The National Vice President of FIDA Gladys Mbuya said they had discussed with the woman who confirmed the assault and have now called on the State Counsel to open investigations and serve justice.

The Nnoko Nganje Law Firm where the incident is said to have taken place, has also filed a complaint to the State Counsel in Tiko, accusing the man of office violation, assault on Egbe Eyong Evelyne, destruction of property and theft of FCFA One million. The firm is calling on the state counsel to ensure the accused, who is for the moment at large, is brought to book.

Published on 28.04.2020

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