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Cameroon: Israel to present five companies at first Promote appearance

The NUF 500 filtration can pump 80 litres of water in ten minutes (c)All rights reserved

Israel will be present at the yearly business and trade fair with five companies in its pavillion to demonstrate the country’s know-how.

These companies excel in areas where Israel is very advanced and prominent amongst them is the NUF Filtration, an innovative, dynamic and global company whose main purpose is the distribution and application of a revolutionary technology that reuses sterilized medical devices in the water treatment sector .

The NUF Filtration kits are common in Cameroon after the Israeli Embassy spent the majority of 2018 presenting sample kits to Camroonians.

In September 2018, the Israeli Embassy donated 10 NUF Water filtration kits to Cameroon through the Ministry of Public Health as part of their support to assist Cameroon fight cholera.

Other Israeli companies that will be discovered at Promote from the 16 – 22 February in Yaounde will be BLUE Power Energy, Rivulis, Isragro and Home Biogas.


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