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Cameroon: Jean Michel Nintcheu Portrays Joshua Osih as a “Judas”

Joshua Osih (left) Jean Michel Nintcheu (right) (c) copyright

The declaration of the regional president of the Social Democratic Front of the Littoral is contained in the resolution of the ordinary regional executive committee of August 07, 2022.

Between the national vice-president of the Social Democratic Front (Sdf) Joshua Osih and the regional president of the Littoral region Jean Michel Nintcheu, the climate remains tense. The parliamentarian Jean Michel Nintcheu maintains that his counterpart of the SDF Joshua Osih has been compromised. He deviated from the original philosophy of the party. According to him, the SDF “remains a front of struggle for the advent of true democracy in Cameroon and not a tool of unhealthy collaboration with the dictatorial order in place”, can we read in the resolution.
The regional executive committee of the Littoral “reminds him that his behavior is comparable to a real betrayal because in total out of phase with the radical posture advocated by the SDF Littoral which generously welcomed him in 2013 and made him a deputy after his many failures electoral the South-West”, denounces the resolution signed by deputy Jean Michel Nintcheu.
In addition, one of the recommendations of this executive committee is to implement the organization of public events. Which aim to “force the Yaounde regime to organize an inclusive national dialogue for a return to peace in the North-West and South-West regions; implement consensual reform of the electoral system before any election; account for its management void-19 funds as well as CAN 2021; release political prisoners,” provides the SDF Littoral.

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