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Cameroon: John Fru Ndi’s brother kidnapped

John Fru Ndi, SDF Chair ©All rights reserved

The younger brother of the National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, was at the weekend kidnapped by unidentified gunmen, sources have confirmed.

Kingsley Azeh Ndi, was kidnapped  alongside two workers on Friday April 19 while he was at the ranch of his brother Ni John Fru Ndi, sources said.

He was taken to an unidentified location with family members confirming the kidnappers have since asked for a ransom but did not specify the amount. This is not the first time Kingsley Azeh Ndi nor a member has been kidnapped as John Fru Ndi’s family has been the subject of attacks.

Last year, the sister of the Chairman, was kidnapped by armed men and only released later while the SDF chieftain has also suffered losses from arson attacks.

Reeacting to the kidnap of his brother, John Fru Ndi accused elites in Yaounde who he says have created armed groups in the Anglophone regions and are “feeding fat” from the crisis.

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