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Cameroon : Joseph Dion Ngute Presents Government’s Projects for 2023

Prime Minister presents 2023 Projects at National Assembly

Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute was before the National Assembly on November 28th 2022 to present the Economic, Financial and Socio-cultural Programme of  Cameroon for the year 2023.

The presentation put out by the Prime Minister  had it that Cameroon has been hit hard by national and international crises. Their consequences on the household basket have fuelled serious concerns. If the balance sheet of the year 2022 is globally satisfactory according to the Prime Minister, despite the morose context, 2023 looks like a year of economic recovery in view of the major projects underway. On the security front, emphasis will be placed on preserving the integrity of the territory and securing the borders.


The modernisation of infrastructures for both the police and the gendarmerie is an essential aspect of the 2023 programme. The continuation of road safety operations will be stepped up.

Except that in 2022, the energy sector has been a brake on several economic activities. Load shedding has caused enormous damage. Even access to drinking water in the major cities and even in the hinterland remains a problem. Joseph Dion Ngute wanted to reassure through the projects in progress: “the government wants to give a dynamic for the finalisation of major projects in progress in the various segments concerned. In terms of electricity, the government intends to finalise the work on the evacuation line of the substations to allow the total introduction into the network of the power of the Memve’ele hydroelectric development; the commissioning of the Lom-Pangar plant is not left out. The idea is to reduce the power cuts observed in 2022. As for the supply of drinking water, attention will be paid to the drinking water supply project for the city of Yaounde, among others.

Several road sections will be completed in 2022 and others rehabilitated such as the Mora-Dabanga-Kousseri road. The government has also announced, in the area of transport, the renovation of the airports of Bertoua, Tiko and Kribi; the implementation of a plan to reorganise Camair-Co; the continuation of the construction of the deep water port of Kribi phase two and the development of an economic zone.

Published on 03.01.2023

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