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Cameroon journalist detained for ‘insulting the Head of State’

A  journalist in Cameroon has been jailed at the Kondengui maximum security prison in the capital Yaounde for insulting the Head of State, propagating false information and terrorism.

Michel Biem Tong, web journalist was brought before the State Prosecutor at the Yaounde military tribunal on Thursday November 15 where the charges were brought before him.

The State Prosecutor later ordered for his transfer from the Gendarmerie headquarters where he had been held for the past three weeks to the Kondengui prison.

He is expected to appear before the Yaounde military tribunal on December 5 when the charges the case will be opened.

He was arrested on October 23 after he was suspected of making Whatsapp recordings where he called on Anglophone separatists to resist the Yaounde regime.

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