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Cameroon: Journalists pledge to assist UN achieve goals on children’s rights

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Cameroonian media men under the Network of Journalists for the Promotion of the Rights of Children and Other Vulnerable People, dubbed REJODEC, have pledged to assist the United Nations System in Cameroon to achieve sustainable development goals on children’s rights.

The journalists took the commitment during a three-day workshop on April 13, 2018, organized by the Ministry of Communication, MINCOM, and supported by the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, in Mbalmayo.

During the capacity building workshop, UNICEF officials took turns in explaining the importance of advocating for children’s rights. The Journalist were drilled on how to create human interest stories and some necessary ethics when broadcasting programmes or publishing articles on the plight of children in the country

Appreciating the advocacy workshop, REJODEC’s President, Jules Elobo exhorted the media men to get to work and engage themselves in promoting the respect of children’s rights best practices, while creating visibility avenues.  He stated that REJODEC is committed to strengthen advocacy on the respect of children’s rights in the next three years.

In the end, participants pledged to take advantage of their partnership with UNICEF by increasing public awareness on children’s rights.

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