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Cameroon: Journalists schooled on social media use

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Some Cameroonian Journalists have been drilled on the stakes and use of social media during a training serminar.

The training seminar under the theme “Journalism and social networks: issues, challenges and constraints of a profession in the era of digital democracy”, was organised by the Minister of Post and Telecommunications in Partnership with the Cameroon chapter of the International francophone press union (UPF).

During the training, journalists were drilled on the importance fact-checking as an essential means of journalistic survival, Cameroonian law in the face of the Internet’s abuses, rational communication on social networks among others.

Speaking to the reporters, MINPOSTEL Boss, Libom Likeng, advise journalists to be cognizant of the reality of the times and avoid being misled by social media.

Other speakers like UPF’s Cameroon President and MINCOM’s secretary General, called on the reporters to be responsible in the line of duty and always ensure to double check information from social media.

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