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Cameroon: Journalists sensitise Buea population against Coronavirus

The population of Buea has taken the commitment to stand up and bar the way to the COVID-19 in the town.

The population took the commitment on at the weekend during a sensitization campaign organized by the Buea chapter of the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists, CAMASEJ.

The campaign started off at the Bokwaongo market where the journalists were accompanied by the Director of the Buea Regional Hospital, Dr. Martin Mokake who sensitised the traders on the basic hygiene methods to adopt in order to avoid the spread of the virus.

The sensitization team brought hand sanitizers, soap, water and buckets which they placed at strategic corners of the market for the traders as well as buyers to use.

While demonstrating, the Director of the Buea Regional Hospital urged the traders to wash their hands regularly given that they are in contact with several persons.

The caravan then moved to the Mile 17 Motor Park, another place in the city where there is affluence and commotion which could serve as a breeding ground for the virus to spread.

Here, the same sensitisation exercise was equally carried out to drivers, passengers as well as traders of the Mile 17 motor park.

“The Buea transporters are very happy with this wonderful gesture from CAMASEJ. This is a sign to show that we can collectively fight off this pandemic and keep not only our city safe but the entire nation. The Coronavirus is real and I urge all us using the Mile 17 motor park to change our hygienic attitudes by doing the basic things government is asking us, notably washing and sanitizing our hands regularly,” the Secretary General of the Buea Transporters’ Syndicate Charles Eko Funteh, said.

He added that they have made it compulsory for all drivers at the park to regularly wear nose masks before embarking on any journey and will in the days ahead take several measures to ensure the safety of passengers from the virus. Among the measures, he said will be a regular temperature check of passengers before they board a vehicle or when they just arrive Buea.

As the wearing of nose masks become compulsory today, the population of Buea continues to be sensitized of the seven additional measures put in place by the government last week to avoid the spread of the virus.

It is the case at the Bwitingi Central market where gendarme officers took the campaign by providing nose masks to taxi drivers and reminding them that they will not be tolerated to ply the streets on Monday without the gadgets.

The gendarmes were joined in their campaign by the CAMASEJ-Buea team who continued sensitizing the trader on the necessary hygiene measures as well as placed buckets and soap at strategic corners of the market for users to wash their hands.

The senior controller at the Bwitingi market thanked the team for the sensitization campaign and pledged to work with his staff to ensure the donated items are put into effective use.

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