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Cameroon: Kah Walla rubbishes separatist threats, insists Federation can solve Anglophone crisis

CPP-Kah Walla

The leader of the Cameroon Peoples Party, Edith Kah Walla has rubbished threats from some separatist activists banning her from setting foot in the troubled North Weest and South West regions due to her stance on the prevailing crisis.

Some separatist activists have been outraged by Kah Walla’s comments at the weekend in the United States of America where she blamed them for fooling the people to pick up arms and fight for independence which has rather led to the suffering of the masses.

The CPP leader also condemned the government’s handling of the crisis before saying the best way out of the current impass will be a federation.

Her outing did not sit down well with some separatists who hit back immediately threatening to ‘arrest her’ if she sets foot in the troubled region.

But Kah Walla has since maintained her stance and insists she will continue to defend it while respecting the positions of others.

“Personally, I believe in regional autonomy or what some call federation. However, I also believe, all the different opinions have a right to exist and to be expressed. We cannot build change, if we intimidate and are violent with those who have a different opinion from our own,” Kah Walla said in a statement on her Facebook page on Sunday.

“I strongly and openly disagree with the maintenance of the status quo of a unitary state.  I also strongly and openly disagree with the strategy of an armed fight and have stated clearly since 2016 that I believe this strategy will endanger the lives of Anglophones and will do little to advance their rights. The facts on the ground today, have confirmed that belief.

“I will not allow anyone to intimidate me or stop me from expressing my opinion. No threat of violence or arrest will affect me. I have fought one oppressor in the person of Mr. Biya and his regime for decades, I will certainly not be afraid of Facebook oppressors living thousands of miles from the people they say they are fighting for, or any other oppressors in whatever form they may come.

Published on 28.04.2020

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