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Cameroon: Kamto calls on Cameroonians to embark on ghost town operations

Bamenda Commercial Avenue on a "ghost town" day ©BaretaNews

The leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement has called on Cameroonians to show solidarity with the populations of the North West and South West regions until the government takes concrete measures to solve the crisis in that part of the country.

In a video which he shared on his Facebook page, Maurice Kamto said the government has been head strong in solving the Anglophone crisis and called for Cameroonians to take urgent action.

” I believe it is urgent to carry out concrete initiatives of solidarity with our Anglophone brothers and sisters. Also, I request the population of the francophone regions of Cameroon to implement, with commitment and determination, the following actions;” Kamto said.

Amogst the series of “concrete actions he proposed was the ghost town operations which has been in force in the North West and South West regions.

“For the rest of the month November and till the end of December 2018, observe a half-day without activity (ghost towns and villages) every Monday from 1PM, in order to call on the government to take, without further delay, significant actions necessary to initiate the resolution of the crisis devastating the regions concerned, so that the populations of these regions should spend the end of the year holidays with their families,” the CRM leader said.

Kamto said the ghost towns could even be extended next year if the government continues with the military actions on the population in the North West and South West region.

He also urged Cameroonians both at home and abroad to help support those affected by the crisis by donating in any form to the Ayah Foundation that has been heavily engaged in helping refugees and internally displaced persons.

Published on 03.01.2023

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