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Cameroon: Kamto, others boycott court session

Maurice Kamto leads a group of protesters in Douala

The detained leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Maurice Kamto and his allies boycotted court session today at the Appeal Court of the Centre region.

Kamto and co were expected to appear in court for hearing in an appeal filed by their lawyers fo their immediate release but it was not to be.

Sources close to the detained CRM leader say he and his fellow detainees rejectted to leave their prisson cells when prison guards came for them insisting they must be heard before an open court.

Last week, Kamto and his allies had rejectted to be heard in private by the judge insisting they must be heard in an opeen court for Cameroonians to see for themselves.

However, Tuesday’s hearing was set to take place in open court but with access into the court denied most of the CRM supporters outside the court, Kamto and his allies described the move as a manipulation and stuck to their guns by remaining in their prison cells.

Published on 10.02.2021

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