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Cameroon: Kamto threatens to launch ‘gigantic’ campaign to oust Paul Biya

The national Chairman of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party, CRM, Prof Maurice Kamto has warned that he will launch a “gigantic campaign to call for the outright departure” of the Head of State, Paul Biya from power if the latter convenes the electorate for the upcoming regional elections without resolving the four years long Anglophone crisis and amending the electoral system.

Speaking at a press conference Monday August 24 in Yaounde, Prof Maurice Kamto said the current happenings in the country, including renewed attacks from Boko Haram in the Far North region, murder of women and their babies, Ngarbuh massacre, barbaric killings in the Anglophone regions with no adequate response from the State are enough proofs that Cameroon’s ship sails through without a captain.

He has thus advanced two prerequisites for the Head of State to convene the electorate for the upcoming regional elections: the resolution of the Anglophone crisis by the establishment of a ceasefire and a consensual reform of the current electoral system both of which would ensure the holding of safe and free elections.

The opposition leader has warned that if the above are not taken into consideration, he will launch a “gigantic national campaign to call for the outright departure from power of President Paul Biya” without issuing any further communication.

Ahead of the possible launch of this campaign, Prof Maurice Kamto has called on his supporters to be ready for their fight against dictatorship in Cameroon enters its critical phase.





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