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Cameroon: Kamto slams security forces for brutalising SDF MPs

The President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Maurice Kamto has slammed the brutal treatment of two Members of Parliament and peaceful protesters by security forces in Douala on Wednesday.

Honourables Joshua Osih and Jean Michel Nintcheu of the Social Democratic Front were arrested in Akwa, Douala as the were about to stage a march to protest against the failure to sanction those responsible for Cameroons inability to host the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.

The two were later released with the SDF accusing security forces of brutalising the parliamentarians and keeping them in total disrespect of their immunities.

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement plans to stage its own protests nationwide on Saturday and they have come out strong to condemn Wednesday’s events.

“Maurice Kamto, expresses his deep indignation, condemns and takes offence at the brutal and arbitrary way two Members of the Parliament and other peaceful demonstrators have been dealt with yesterday january 23, 2019 by forces of order in Douala,” a spkoesperson for Maurice Kamto said.

It is absolutely not bearable to see forces of order having recourse to violent and arbitrary muggings, and thus denying those Cameroonians their basic constitutional rights”

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