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Cameroon: Kamto unveils guidelines for September 22 ‘nationwide protest’

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The national chairman of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party, Prof Maurice Kamto has ignored warnings from the Government to desist from his planned ‘nationwide protest’ to oust President Biya and published a declaration on the modalities of the demonstration scheduled for September 10.

In the declaration published Tuesday September 15, Prof Maurice Kamto calls on those who will partake in the protest to make sure they each have a face mask and a scarf or handkerchief with vinegar or lime juice to counter the negative effects of tear gas among others.

He encourages them to remain determined, not to give in to provocations and denounce any suspicious person in their midst.

According to the political leader, a peaceful protest asking for the outright departure of the Head of State, Paul Biya is legitimate and constitutional.

His declaration on the modalities of the protest came in few hours after the Government issued a strong warning against anybody who will try to disrupt public order in the name of “peaceful demonstration”.



Published on 28.04.2020

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