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Cameroon: Kleda distances self from COVID-19 treatment recipe circulating of social media

Mgr Samuel Kleda (c) copyright

The Archbishop of Douala, Mgr Samuel Kleda has distanced himself from a composition of items he supposedly uses to come up with his Coronavirus herbal remedy which has been circulating on social media.

Reacting to the publication of an alleged recipe of his COVID-19 herbal cure on social media, Bishop Samuel Kleda Monday said he is not the author of the publication.

“I have never published any herbal recipe to cure Coronavirus on social media. Let it be clear to everyone. This is a serious responsibility” Mgr Kleda said.

Indicating that anybody who goes in for the said recipe might risk poisoning his or herself, Mgr Kleda disclosed that if he ever decides to reveal his recipe, he will do so officially.

It is worth mentioning that while confirming his herbal remedy is 100% effective as a treatment to the COVID-19 pandemic last week, Mgr Kleda said he wouldn’t give out any recipe to the public for fear that people poisons themselves.

He hinted that as an experienced plant researcher, he is well placed to know what type of herb to use and its exact quantity so as to serve the intended purpose.

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