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Cameroon: Kumba choking under Gov’t, Ambazonia lockdowns

Residents in Kumba, Meme division in the South West region have been caught in a web of lockdown from Ambazonia separatists as well as from the government.

With a lockdown imposed by Ambazonia separatist fighters in the North West and South West regions since the start of the week, activity has been slow.

Most businesses have remained shut down in the city for fear of repraisals while many residents have preferred to remain indoors all week. Reports say school resumption in that part of the country was timid given the lockdown which has made it difficult for taxis and bikes to circulate.

The lockdown was supposed to be temporarily lifted at the weekend by the Senior Divisional Officer of Meme Division, Ntou Ndong Chamberlain signed and order calling on all residents to stay indoors on Saturday and Sunday.

That act was seen as another heavy punishment by residents who have been indoors the whole week. Sources say businesses were closed down while soldiers made several arrests as the city remained dead at the weekend.

It is now uncertain how Kumba will wake up to the new week, given the regular Monday ghost towns and the separatist lockdown which resumes.


Published on 10.02.2021

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