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Cameroon: iPhone sends young lady to early grave

The cost of an iPhone

The married woman and student at the University of Buea was proposed a free iPhone after having a sexual encounter with a man she barely knew.

The scene takes place in Buea. Jessica is a young undergraduate student, undergoing her studies at the University of Buea. Besides her studies, she is also married and a mother of one.

The problem she has is that she is living in an environment where having a good smartphone, especially an iPhone is a status symbol amongst peers which provides respect and street credibility.

Unfortunately, most ladies are this ready to be appreciated by all so they are ready to do whatever it takes to get an iPhone.

Jessica is in the midst of these girls. So when the opportunity came, she did not hesitate to fall in a deadly trap. That is how a gentleman just arrived Buea and met her. He had a chat with Jessica and proposed they should have some copulation: after which, he would give her an iPhone.

Jessica did not remember that she is married and immediately accepted to be unfaithful because of an iPhone.

Just some days after their deed, she started feeling some pains which made her to go to the hospital. While the pain was going worse, she explained the whole story to some friends. It came out that the guy is a ritualist living in Limbe.

Jessica finally kicked the bucket a few days later meanwhile her killer has not yet been found. He is still on the loose probably looking for more gullible young girls to sacrifice.

Published on 05.05.2023

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