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Cameroon launch hunt for 26 alleged separatist fighters

Security forces were involved in a shootout with Separatist forces last night

Cameroon security forces are actively launched a search operation to track down 26 persons whom they describe as secessionist terrorists.

According to a security radio message which journalducameroun.com obtained a copy, their names were found in a camp in Belo, North West Region of Cameroon after an assault by security forces on Wednesday night.

They are Frankline Nges, Nkwain Lambert, Ngangchuu Cyprian, Kimbi Jacob, Elvis Wankwain, Clovis Bua, Ngong Sylvans, Liberty Chia, Primons Kukwah, Chia Vanity, Ernest, Mondum, Flobert, Ephesia Chiaboh, Minhiayou, Nadaniel Nkwain, Nyong Christian, Eric Chia, Igniatus Suh, Ngain Gilbert, Ngong Robert Yuh, Detran Ngang, Jam Malvis Mih, Stephen Muma, Julius Yuh, and Nkwain Divine.

Their names appeared in an abandoned notebook after tthe security forces took control and dismantled the camp.

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