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Cameroon: Lawyers detained over corruption charges given one-year suspended sentence for five years

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The two lawyers arrested and detained in a case of fraud and contempt of Magistrate have been slammed a one-year suspended sentence for five years with a fine of FCFA 1 million each.

The judgement was passed out Wednesday November 25 after a long and heavily militarized court hearing at the Bonanjo Court of First Instance in Douala, Littoral region of Cameroon.

The case began with an appeal filed by the over ninety defence Barristers for the conditional release of the two lawyers which was rejected by the court presided at by the President of the Court of First Instance, Justice Armel Kohoo a Kemoun.

The lawyers, Bar. Christelle Djonkou and Bar. Augustin Wantou were then judged following charges of fraud, contempt of Magistrate and complicity.

At the end of the hearings, the court pronounced its verdict, found the two lawyers guilty of fraud and sentenced them to one year suspension for five years with a fine of FCFA 1 million and ten days to file in an appeal.

One of the defence lawyers told the press they will concert and see if need be to appeal the court’s decision.

A third person involved in the case, the brother to the client defended by the two lawyers, Serges Wanang, was found guilty of fraud and contempt to Magistrate and sentenced to one year suspension for five years with FCFA 500,000 fine.

It should be noted that it is this case which sparked off confrontations between lawyers and police and gendarme officers in a court room in Bonanjo last November 10, leading to the brutalization of lawyers.

After the condemning the violence on lawyers, the Bar Council announced a five-day protest against abuses committed on legal practitioners.



Published on 28.04.2020

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