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Cameroon: Lawyers maintain five-day strike

Wilson was instrumental in creating the Anglophone consortium that demands for end of Anglophone marginalisation

Lawyers in Cameroon will embark on a five-day strike beginning Monday September 16 to protest against what they describe as a violation of their rights.

The strike will run from 16-20 September.

The lawyers had initially announced the strike action last month before confirming it on Sunday after an extraordinary Bar Council meeting.

“I have the honour to inform you the the exraordinary Bar Council meeting summoned for today the 15 September could not come out with any resolution for want of quorum; in consonance with Article 11(2) of our internal regulations, there were no deliberations,” the President of the Bar President Tchakoute Patie Charles said.

Consequently, the Bar Council resolutions of August 31 stand, he added.

The Cameroon Bar Association however thanked the government for the efforts put in so far in examining their problems and said they are they are ready to continue dialogue.

The government of Cameroon recently opened talks with lawyers to see how they could solve some of the grievances raised.

The lawyers said they have consistently been denied access to their clients and persons in the various detention centres.

The lawyers also cited several rights violations by judicial authorities as as; trial in a language not understood by the accused, extraction of confessional statements from accused persons through the use of torture and inducements.

The lawyers also said their action is induced by the illegal and prolonged detention of accused persons amongst several other issues listed.

Published on 10.02.2021

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