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Cameroon: Limbe seaport gets new transitory authority

Limbe seaport

Thomas Ndive Mulongo is the new deputy manager appointed at this function to work at the split with the Douala autiport for an effective operationalisation of the Limbe autonomous seaport.

It has been two years now that the Limbe seaport has been created by a presidential decree. N°2020/249 of May 5 2020.

Thomas Ndive Mulongo was just officially installed by the Douala ports deputy general manager, Charles Micheaux Moukoko who has as mission leading limbe port to be fully and efficiently operational.

“The transitory administration of the Limbe port marks a split with the Douala autonomous seaport. But Douala will continue to bring its assistance unto this young port of Limbe. With the installation of the transitory administration, a continuous operationalisation of the port is expected for a smooth growth of what is now a seaport authority” as explained in a  note from the Douala autonomous seaport.

The Limbe seaport which is still under construction is said to be one specialised with the transport of heavy products like hydrocarbons. Also, other products such as agricultural ones. It is in light of the close distance with the National refinery society with banana and cocoa industries found in the South West region, Sonara.

This appointment bestowed the hope of seeing the construction of the Limbe deep water seaport.
An idea which has already been studied and was refreshed after the presidential decree creating the port.

By that time, the minister of Transports, Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe said “it has been more than 10 years now that some studies had been carried out regarding the construction of a deep water port in Limbe. The amount underscored from the different studies was around 400 millions CFA Francs. But these research are presently undergoing some changes”

Published on 03.01.2023

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