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Cameroon: List of pro Kamto supporters arrested on June 1

dozens of prsons protesting in Bafoussam (c)All rights reserved

Over 350 supporters of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement were arrested on Saturday June 1 in some towns across the country as they went out to protest despite a ban by authorities.

The party’s firts Vice President Mamadou Mota was arrested in Yaounde alongside protesters as security forces also carried out similar arrests in Bafoussam, Douala and Bagangte.

Meeting immediately after the arrests on Saturday, lawyers of the party, condemned security forces for brutalising the protesters and said they will not relent their efforts to see that those arrested are released. The lawyers led by Barrister Hippolyte Meli met at the party’s headquarters in Yaounde on Saturday evening as they start their legal battle to release all those arrested.

They say they are working to produce a complete list of all those arrested as they have already started the documentation.

Below is a partial list of those arrested as of  June 1,

I- Yaounde 

Judicial Police Headquarters

1-Zebaze Willy

2-Kameni Wetchadji Aime

and many others….

Gendarmerie Headquarters (SED)

About 80 detained…stll to be updated

Central Police Station (No 1): About 50 detained

SM Biloa Effa

Mamadou ‘Mota’ Yacouba

Dr. Appolinaire Oko

Nzeuga Wifrid

Barbari Steve


Bambou Jean

Kohodjack Cyrille

Kemegni Jean

Neabe Paul

Manga Bela

Moussongo Richard

Noukeu Jean

Siyou Emile

Tchuidan Eric

Manno Veronique

Wombo Pascal

Masssango Raymond

Sigompe Joel

Biatha Nya Melo

Elango Gauthier

Dang Flore

Celestin Motsou

…And others

Mokolo Police Station: Over 50 detained

…List still to be updated



Over 50 arrested at the ‘Marché Congo’. List still to be updated


Barrister Tchoumen

….and about 100 arrested. List still to be updated.

IV- Bare Bakem

YAKOUA Charlotte Claire
FOKO Laurent
SEULEU Clément


Judicial Police


Central Police Station

Lontsa Augustine


11 persons arrested, list still to be updated

Published on 10.02.2021

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