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Cameroon: Local Flour Producers Charged To Work In Synergy

wheat cultivation
Wheat cultivation in Northern Region

Local flour producers in the three northern regions, Far North, North and Adamawa regions have been charged to work in synergy.

A united front, state officials said is needed to reduce the dependence on imported wheat. Officials from MINEPAT ( Ministry of economy, Planning and Regional Development) made this appeal in Garoua.This was at the fourth inter-regional workshop to raise awareness of local flour prducers in the Northern regions.

The ceremony took place in the presence of a representative of the governorof the North region, Samyong Patrick. A draft statue of the platform of local flour promoters of Cameroon was presented to participants,This presentatin was to prepare the local flour stakeholders ahead of their general assembly to set up a national body in the days ahead.

The Technical Adviser no.3 in the Ministry of Economy, Planning and regional Development, Roger Bafakan chaired the capacity building. The Garoua meeting officilas said, was the fourth and last of its kind, after those organised in other regions of the country.

Bafakan explains the initiative was put in place by MINEPAT as it closely aligned with the implementation of the government’s import-substitution policy. The policy focuses on the promotion of local flour production of local flour production, in order to redeuce dependence on imported wheat and wheat flour.

The Garoua workshop also aims at establishinga robust industrial fabric, capable of conquering international markets, through the promotion of ” Made in Cameroon”.

Wheat importation cost the state of Cameroon about 180 billion FCFA in 2021. Between 2010 and 2019, Cameroon is also said to have spent 1,292 billion FCFA on wheat importation.

This program also falls in line with the holistic vision of the national development strategy 2020-2030, SND30.


Published on 03.01.2023

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