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Cameroon: “Maîtres d’hôtel” Trained in Coffee Brewing Technics to Promote Consumption of Local Products

coffee brewery
Coffee Brewery

Hotel masters from  Maroua, in the Far North region, are attending a two-day training workshop on coffee brewing technics.

This is the new stage of the caravan of the National Cocoa and Coffee Board NCB, which has been touring Cameroon for the past few months to educate  the hotel industry in modern methods of brewing Cameroonian coffee.

This initiative is part of the Republic of Cameroon’s objective to promote the consumption of local products. Encouraging the transformation of our raw materials, especially agricultural products, is at the heart of the government’s agenda,” explains the ONCC.

Before Maroua, the caravan stopped in Garoua, in the northern region, at the beginning of this week. For two days, 30 butlers were trained in the virtues of coffee, preparation methods and the best ways to preserve coffee in order to obtain effective results.

We have realised over the years that the coffee chain from plantation to cup involves a series of meticulous steps. Good post-harvest practices may be observed, but if the brewing is poor, it is a waste of energy and effort. That is why, as coffee ambassadors, you have the most important role to ensure that the coffee in the cup is of good quality,” said Michael Ndoping, ONCC’s Director General, to the maitre d”s during the Garoua stage.

The ONCC training caravan also visited other cities in the country such as Douala, Yaounde, Bafoussam, Limbe, Kribi, Bertoua and Ngaoundere.

ONCC was created in June 1991. It is a public administrative institution that focuses on strengthening the skills and capacities of producers. But the ONCC also works to promote sustainable cocoa and coffee farming.

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