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Cameroon: Man kidnaps, kills five-year old nephew in Douala

The corpse of 5 year old Lionel Alex Wanko has been found in a well last Friday in Yato Douala, five days after his abduction by his 19year old uncle.

Lionel’s body was discovered by the forces of law and order led by Ndassi F, maternal uncle and kidnapper who had been arrested following police enquiries.

According to police sources in Bonaberi, the lad was kidnapped Sunday February 24, 2019, in a compound at the Minkwele neighbourhood.

The lad’s parents, Clovis Guilbert Ebobisse and Morel Monkam enclosed in a room for many days were shocked by the horror of the discovery.

“I never knew my brother could do such a thing (…). On that Sunday, they watched television together in my room. He helped us to search for the missing child. Little did I know he was the kidnapper. Only God will judge him” the mother cried.

Lionel’s parents are reported to have received an anonymous call and a demand of 500,000 Fcfa in ransom for his release.

The child’s family signalled his disappearance on Equinox television and on Monday the police started investigations and established that Ndassi was one of the last persons to speak with Lionel.

Ndassi finally confessed he kidnapped the child and called from a call-box, faking his voice, but no one knows why he finally killed the child.

Published on 05.05.2023

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