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Cameroon: Manu Dibango honoured in new song

Popular makossa icon Claude Adolphe Moundi aka Petit Pays has released a new single to honour the memory of two African legends, Manu Dibango and Pape Diouf who passed away in March due to the COVID-19.

“Les baobabs sont tombés”(The baobabs have fallen) is a six-minute single released at the weekend which celebrates the lives of these two African icons who distinguished themselves in their various domains.

Sung in Duala and French, Petit Pays uses his trademark vocals to express regret at the tragic demise of the fallen icons, gone in a context which made it impossible for the world to pay them the due homage.

However, the artiste says we shall all meet with these fallen icons one day at the “waiting room in heaven to meet Jehovah”.

Saxophonist Manu Dibango passed away on March 24, after succumbing to the COVID-19 in a hospital in France. Buried in typical COVID-19 fashion, family members have said honours will be paid to the fallen artiste at the appropriate time.

On the other hand, Senegalese-born Pape Diouf succumbed to the virus on March 31 in Dakar. He had made a name in the world of football, becoming the first black man to be president of a club in Europe-Olympique Marseille in France.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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