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Cameroon: Manyu division tagged a “no go area”

Bishop in Kembong village in Manyu Division (c)All rights reserved

The Canadian, British and United States’ embassies in Cameroon, have issued travel warning to citizens who intend raveling Manyu division in Cameroon’s South West region, stating that is a “no go area”.

The warnings comes against a backdrop of recent tensions between assailants and security officers in the division which has resulted in many deaths.

Last week, another set of security officers died from clashes with secessionists in the town of Kembong in Manyu Division. Their dead  was confirmed by Issa Tchiroma Bakary, Cameroon’s government spokesman, to pressmen in Yaounde, Monday night. “The assailants, ensnared by the measures put in place by our defence and security forces, are now reduced to sporadic attacks carried out by hidden faces and using perfidy,” Tchiroma said.

Minister Bakary also said several separatists were killed by security forces in ensuing clashes, the government spokesman said.

Manyu, with its dense equatorial forests along the Nigerian border, has become the centre of the insurgency from which the separatists have launched a series of attacks on security forces in villages. It should be recalled that four Cameroonian soldiers and two police officers were killed recently in the same Manyu  division

The escalating violence in the division has fuelled a mounting refugee crisis. At least 7,500 people have crossed into Nigeria since Oct. 1, when the secessionists declared an independent state called Ambazonia, and the U.N. refugee agency says it is bracing itself for as many as 40,000.

Observers are of the opinion that the unfortunate crisis between the government and the Anglophone minority has been playing out and the adverse consequences are already far-reaching given that the government is yet to reestablish its authority in the English-speaking part of Cameroon.


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