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Cameroon: Martin Camus Mimb involved in sex tape scandal

Martin Camus (c) copyright
Renowned sports journalist and General Manager of RSI radio, Matin Camus Mimb is at the center of a sex tape scandal animating social media for close to one week today, involving one of his friends, William Eteki and an 18-year-old girl identified as Malicka allegedly drugged.


Following the publication of this sex tape implicating the journalist, the CAD publishing house announced the suspension of sales and promotion of his book titled “Debout! L’histoire vraie d’un miraculé”.

In a statement issued Monday June 21, the founder of the publishing house, Carine Mambou says until Court sheds light on the case, the house will stop promoting his book.

In a like manner, reports say Les Brasseries du Cameroun has sidelined him from the organizing committee of the Cameroon Mutzig Star competition championed by the brewery industry.

Reports further say many other contracts of the sports journalist are near suspension due to the sex tape scandal.

After a publication by renowned whistle blower Boris Bertolt, narrating in detail how it all went in Martin Camus’ office that faithful day, many have been expressing their outrage and manifesting support to Malicka who happens to be the victim.

The young girl’s lawyers have referred the case to judicial authorities for “justice” to take its course.

Published on 10.02.2021

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