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Cameroon: Mass exodus from Anglophone regions as lockdown looms

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There has been a mass exodus from the North West and South West regions of Cameroon following an announced “lockdown” operation by separatist fighters in that part of the country.

Reports say parks in the two regions were overcrowded at the weekend as residents attempt to flee in order not to be caught up by the lockdown.

This situation has forced transport fare to skyrocket in these two regions as passengers are ready to pay what it takes just to get out of these regions.

The rush to get out of the North West and South West regions follows various lockdown dates that have been “decreed” by the separatist to protest against the sentencing of their ten detained leaders last week by the Yaounde Military Tribunal.

A faction of the separatist movement has announced a lockdown starting from August 26, while another faction has announced the lockdown for September 2 and another on September 11. This has left the population confused and many persons have opted to move across to the safer regions.

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