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Cameroon: Maurice Kamto confirms Muna coalition split

The leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Maurice Kamto has confirmed his coalition with Akere Muna was just for the October 7 Presidential election and both parties have since gone their separate ways.

Maurice Kamto confirmed last week during a press conference at his party’s headquarter in Odza, Yaounde but did not dismiss the possibility of working with the leader of the “Now Movement” in future.

“Let it be clear, our coalition was struck in view of the Presidential election and Akere Muna himself told you this. I respect his decision(to split away after the election) but we are always ready to work with him,” Maurice Kamto said.

“We don’t know if he will create a political party and participate at the Municipal and Legislative elections but we remain open,” Kamto added.

Kamto’s outing comes weeks after Akere Muna had made clear that he entered a coalition with  Kamto just for the Presidential election and distanced himself from any groups associating him with the “winning coalition” after the elections.

On October 8, Maurice Kamto declared he had “kicked and scored the penalty”(claiming he had won the October 7 polls) in the presence of Akere Muna even before the proclamation of results by the Constitutional Council.


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