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Cameroon: Maurice Kamto survives “assassination attempt” in North region

Prof Maurice Kamto and allie (c)copyright

The National President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party, CRM Prof Maurice Kamto is said to have survived an assassination attempt after his convoy was almost attacked in Garoua, North region of Cameroon this Friday by two men, one of whom is a gendarme, his party collaborators have said.

According to the testimony of a member of Kamto’s delegation, Apollinaire Oko, South regional CRM President, the convoy left Ngaoundere, heading to the Far North region before it was almost attacked in Garoua, North region.

Reached on phone by Journal du Cameroon, Apollinaire Oko recounts the scene.

“We were in Garoua, coming from Ngaoundere when two men on a bike approached our convoy and tried to open the door of the vehicle in which Maurice Kamto was.”

“Supporters and members of the convoy noticed their action and ran after them. The one sitting behind escaped meanwhile the rider was arrested and the pistol discovered on him was seized.” Apollinaire told Journal du Cameroon.

Riding on with his story, our source said the suspect was taken to the North Gendarmerie Legion where his identity was finally revealed.

“In the presence of the Commander of the Gendarmerie Legion, he said he is a policeman working in Garoua.” Apollinaire Oko said.

“We then took him to the Governor’s office who unfortunately was not around and left him there.” Our source added.

According to the latter, Maurice Kamto’s convoy then proceeded with its journey. They are expected to stop by at the residence of the first vice President of the party, Mamadou Mota who is presently detained at the Yaounde Kondengui prison.


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