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Cameroon/May 20 celebrations: Nkambe remains true to Itself

Detractors often said the images from Nkambe at past CPDM and other public manifestations were cooked up. Today the Donga Mantung 1 Section President decided to up the game by streaming the events live on Facebook.

The live stream recorded 76 161 comments and views. This attests to the love and attachment people have for Nkambe and its charismatic and dynamic CPDM section president Ta Nformi Ngala Gerard.

The turnout at the Nkambe ceremonial ground as usual was massive. At least 5000 compatriots braved the threats from secessionists to stage a memorable May 20 parade in Nkambe. From surrounding Tabenken, Binka, Binju, Kungi and Binshua, compatriots vowed they must be part of the big event in Nkambe as a way to reaffirm their attachment to the values of peace, national unity and a united and indivisible Cameroon as incarnated by the Head of state, H.E Paul Biya.

The May 20, 2019 parade once more crystalises the fact that the “Nkambe Man” is a lover of peace, respecter of state institutions and those who incarnate them. “No matter the differences that a house may have, violence can never be the solution. And here in Donga Mantung 1-Nkambe we long understood that fact. That is why you would see that our people are coherent, steadfast and committed to preserving the unicity of our great nation,” Ta Nformi Ngala Gerard said.

The high point of the parade was the CPDM march pass. In their thousands bearing placards with diverse messages of peace and national integration, the CPDM diehards left the attendees spellbound as they clapped unendingly.

The 47th edition of the National day came on the eve of the announced regional and twin (legislative and municipal) elections. And the Donga Mantung 1 section president is conscious of the fact. He said “mobilization is continuous so let’s stay vigilant and collaborate with the administrative authorities as well as with our security and defense forces. Feel free to denounce any suspicious person around your vicinity. The need and importance of education cannot be over emphasized, so please ensure your children sit for their end of course examinations.”

Quoting the Prime Minister and Head of government Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute during his recent visit in Bamenda, Ta Nformi Ngala Gerard said “the President of the Republic is ready to welcome all our sons and daughters who are in the bush and reinsert them into the society freely. Please extend this message of goodwill and peace to them so they can drop their weapons and return to the waiting arms of the Father of the Nation for peace to return to our two Anglophone regions.”

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